Spy Drone Black


If you haven’t jumped on the Drone bandwagon yet then firstly, why not?! And secondly, you totally totally should. Like an RC Helicopter but with much more manoeuvrability, drones have taken over the 21st century and the Spy Drone Black is a great place to start.

This little RC drone is definitely on the small side but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still packed full of features. A detachable 0.3MP camera is found on the underbelly so you get to record all of your flights from the drone’s perspective. All of which is saved onto the included Micro SD card so you can enjoy re-watching your finest videos at home. Working on a 2.4GHz frequency with a 6 axis gyro and 4 channel flight makes this quad fly soft and smooth every time. The latest feature known as Headless Mode is also included in this design, meaning the drone follows your instructions to a T, no matter which direction it is already facing. You turn right, the drone turns right.

Pineapple Lamp


There’s nothing quite like jetting off to distant lands, soaking up the beautiful surroundings, gorgeous food and tropical sunshine to make life feel truly wonderful. So if you spend your days daydreaming about warm oceans and soft white sand, then grab yourself a piña colada and let the tropical come to you!

Pitching the kitsch just right, this gorgeous Pineapple Lamp gives you the holidays feels all year round. Injecting a warm glow of paradise into your abode, this fruity accessory is battery powered, happily sitting anywhere in your home without any unsightly wires ruining the aesthetic. Ideal for children’s bedrooms, living spaces or even showing off at the office, the Pineapple Lamp adds a glamorous retro edge to any décor.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker


There’s something uniquely special about that shower time singalong experience, as many of us simply can’t resist belting out our favorite songs whilst we wash! With wicked acoustics and catchy choruses to help us soak up the joy as we scrub on the soap, there’s only one way to make our shower crooning even more spectacular.

This cleverly designed water resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker gives you a powerful and versatile speaker to stick onto any glass, tile or whatever they make baths from, surface so you can do all the ridiculous naked dancing you want with utterly shame free abandon! The clever design features three integrated buttons to shuffle through your tunes as well as a hidden on-off switch and charging port.

And when you’re not rocking it out between the tiles, you can recharge your speaker using the USB cable included, so there’s no batteries to worry about either.

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