It is a familiar routine: you brush your teeth, set your alarm, try to ignore your partner’s snoring (how do they get to sleep so quickly?!) and end up scrolling through Instagram praying for dreams to come.

Nearly half of the UK are getting six hours sleep or less a night, research by the UK Sleep Council found.

But, although staring at your phone screen might be bad for your sleep, there are some gadgets which can help.


Bearer WL90 4-IN-1 Wake-Up Light £129.99 

Darkness trigger sleep, which is why using a phone or computer before going to bed can keep you awake.

The Beurer WL90 uses light thereapy to create artificial sunrise and sunset. This wakes users up naturally and promotes production of melatonin, a sleep hormone.

A LightUp app controls the lamp remotely allowing you to set a time and speed for waking up.


Neuroon £234

The Neuroon sleep mask helps you fall asleep faster, nap and even block jet lag.

The mask analyses your sleeping patterns and makes recommendations for the best time to take a power nap.

It also wakes you up at the lightest period of sleep to minimize fatigue.


Sound Asleep Pillow £14.99

Listening to a podcast, music or an audio book is perfect for winding down before bed without using your phone.

If you don’t want to wear headphones or have your speakers on all night, here is a cheap solution.

The pillow has a 3.5mm stereo plug which connects to the pillow and plays the audio through it, letting you drift off easily.


Misfit Ray £79.99

Several fitness trackers monitor your sleep patterns but the Misfit Ray wakes up by vibrating in your lightest period of sleep, ensuring users feel refreshed in the morning.

The Ray dos this within a 30 minute timeframe of an alarm and can also be set up to vibrate with calls and texts or turn on music with a tap.

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