Excess of anything is bad. This is what some of the smart device makers have to realise these days. In this era of smart home when the market is flooded with smart devices, there are actually a few devices that have gone way too far, so far that they look utterly dumb. Just take a look at these five.

Puppy Tweets


Does your dog have a twitter account yet? Well, Puppy Tweets is a Dog collar which keeps an account of your dog’s daily activities on his personal Twitter profile.  A plastic-built tag is attached to the collar that helps create tweets to dog’s account when it detects any barking or even movements. The device costs $29.99.

But just because it exists doesn’t mean you have to buy it. There are several other fitness tracker available in the market for your four-legged friend which along with helping you keep a track of your dog’s health also refrain from annoying you with redundant tweets. Choice is yours!

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