Having an attractive timepiece is an essential part of the modern gentleman’s style.

A nice watch is functional and gives a certain air of importance to the wearer. It’s a public statement to the universe that time is valuable to you, that you might have places to be.

Sometimes the barrier of entry into the world of watches can seem high; with well-known brands like Rolex and Breitling receiving the lion’s share of attention, it can be easy to believe that finding a quality watch at an affordable price is an impossible task.

If these concerns have crossed your mind, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

For anyone new to the world of watches, there are tons of affordable timepieces that will still look great on your wrist. Below we’ve collected some of our current favorite options that are available for less than $100.

MVMT is one of our favorite new watch brands. The startup is only a few years old but has already sold over 500,000 timepieces. They keep prices affordable by selling directly to consumers and cutting out the middlemen. Their gunmetal chrono is currently the watch I wear to work every day.

Their entire catalog is affordable, so browse around if you’re comfortable going a little over $100, but this black and white option gives a simple look of elegance to your wrist.

MVMT Classic White/Black Leather, $95, available at MVMT.

The Timex Weekender is a perennial member of this list, as it is one of the most affordable and versatile casual watches you can find. With so many color options, it might be worthwhile to invest in a few different straps, so your watch can match with every look in your closet.

Timex Weekender, $28.72, available at Amazon.

This timepiece from Skagen has a lot of character to it; it’s easily one of the most fun offerings on this list. It’s blue dial draws the eye in while the face is simple, with only a single complication showing the date. The tan leather strap is extremely clean.

Skagen Ancher, $82.99, available at Jomashop.

Fossil is another trusted name in the world of watches, known for their consistency and durability. This stainless steel watch and strap combination will give a little weight to your wristwear.

Fossil Nate, $59.99, available at Jomashop.

The Citizen Eco Drive offers a fairly formal look at an affordable price, great for anyone looking for a watch to go with their suit or business attire. If you’re looking to finish off your look for a summer wedding without being too bright, silver on black is always a safe bet.

Citizen Eco Drive, $87.35, available at Jomashop.

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