A thing of beauty, that’s what the Yves Saint Laurent Love Heart Chain Bag is all about. Being an eye-catcher, taking this cutie bag while you’re out on a date or partying the night away with your girlfriends will absolutely make you the center of everyone’s attention, and in a good way of course. We mean, come on, who on earth wouldn’t want to have this bag on her shoulders anyway?

First things first would be its outside appearance. Yes, that’s what we instantly notice in a bag, right? What made our hearts jump for joy about this beauty is the matelassé stitching that looks absolutely divine! Then its fixed leather and metal chain shoulder strap added more definition to it making it all the more appealing.

And of course, the icing on top would probably be the metal interlocking YSL logo placed in the center. Measuring 6.4′ x 6.4′ x 1.8′ inches and is priced from $895 USD to $1250 USD via Saint Laurent boutiques, and can be purchased for considerably less online.

a-closer-look-at-yves-saint-laurent-love-heart-chain-bag a-closer-look-at-yves-saint-laurent-love-heart-chain-bag-2 a-closer-look-at-yves-saint-laurent-love-heart-chain-bag-3 a-closer-look-at-yves-saint-laurent-love-heart-chain-bag-5 saint-laurent-heart-bag

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