A new platform launched by Leomie Anderson is seeking to reclaim the online space and provide a platform for discussion and for representing women through fashion. Capitalising on Leomie’s status as an outspoken supermodel who has called out the industry on issues of racism, body shaming and the pressures heaped onto young women, LAPP – Leomie Anderson the Project the Purpose – has launched today with op-eds on relationships, dating, science fiction and how to boss a male dominated industry.


In the age where the online space has both created open forums but also given rise to the trolling phenomenon, LAPP is fighting back.

Alongside the online space LAPP the brand has also launched a collection of 70s vibe t-shirts aimed at encouraging women to reclaim the right to say “No” in situations that make them feel uncomfortable.

Here’s what Leomie said about the first collection: “The first capsule collection by LAPP was inspired by an open letter I wrote on my own personal blog crackedchinacup.com to my young female followers about consent and the right to say no. When I went to an all girls school in south London, I spoke to a group of students about the pressures they faced and a big one was peer pressure to do things they were not comfortable with, with bad decisions leading to even worse outcomes and it got me thinking- it was one of the biggest inspirations behind starting LAPP. I wanted to spread the message and reclaim the word ‘no’ for women and used phrases that women would use to express that.”

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