adidas has gone through a major evolution in the past few years. No longer just a “soccer brand” thanks to successful fashion collaborations between Stan Smith and Stella McCartney, the sportswear titan is investing its time and energy on a surprising group—female runners.

adidas’ newest running shoe, the UltraBOOST X, was innovated specifically for women. And no, it’s not just a copy of a men’s shoe that comes in “girly” colors (honestly, if we see another hot pink running shoe …) Designers created the shoe based on feedback from ARAMIS motion tracking technology, which indicated where the female foot needed the most support.

“Based on research of the female foot, we tailored the leading technology of UltraBOOST specifically for women, delivering the most innovative and technical running shoe in an industry-leading silhouette,” said Andre Maestrini, general manager for adidas Running. “We’re excited to offer a unique experience to female runners around the globe, providing the tools for them to uplift their run.”

Those female foot-specific design aspects? A free-floating arch to support the more flexible female arch; a slimmer, padded heel counter that hugs the back of the foot, which tends to be narrower on women; a knitted, breathable toe area that accommodates for wider feet without restricting the metatarsals or toes.

The Doobay Team gave the sneaks a try for one week’s worth of runs—and overall, found the shoe to be super comfy and supportive. Getting used to the floating arch aspect took a little while (one editor who normally runs in more minimalist shoes noticed some pain and fatigue in her arch after a few days, which eventually subsided once her feet adjusted to the feel of the shoe), but other than that these shoes make it easy to slip your feet in and hit the pavement for your morning run.

If you’re an avid runner who likes a little bit of cushion—and you like looking down to a stylish sneak—the adidas UltraBOOST X might just be your shoe hero.