The best of children’s design inspired by the beach and by the underwater world and its inhabitants.

The sea, as well as ships, waves, abysses and the creatures who lives underneath it, are a great source of inspiration for many arts. In music, but also in iconography and illustrations, the sea is frequently mentioned, just as painful and poignant love musical arrangements. For some years now, the sea also invaded the crowded world of kid’ design.


In the past, the fields of furniture and design drawn inspiration from the sea world with rather heavy maMimì Louritime furniture, made of then common dark wood and inspired by ships and life on board. Today, when it comes to design for the young ones, everything it is different. Shapes and forms are simpler and often related to objects that, not necessarily because of their function, are inspired by a sea world inhabited by fish, whales, friendly sharks and all the symbols of our beach summers.

Whales like those by Nidi, the kids’ design division of Battistella, a historic Venetian furniture company, that on some on its carpets offers a marine-inspired design complete with a giant whale in the centre.

Laughing whales also for the pillow/stuffed animal by Noga Ravin, the Israeli textile designer now based in Poland, who creates fabric and felt zoos. Sharks also at Skip Hop, the brand specialised in hyper colourful games and accessories for kids with fun, educational and functional features. The same is true for Don Fisher from Spain that offers, and not just to the young ones, multicoloured pencil cases and small bags, just like a group of colourful fish.

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