Hair color options are pretty much endless these days. Whether you’re making a drastic change with glow-in-the-dark rainbow hair, giving icicle hair just a temporary whirl, or seeing what life is like in the rose gold hair color arena, there’s now a trend for every personality.

And the latest hair color trend takes its inspiration from… cinnamon rolls. Like last fall’s pumpkin spice hair trend, cinnamon swirl hair uses warm, golden tones and turns them into a multidimensional masterpiece.


Colorist Ryan Pearl of New York’s Cutler Salon created the look. He told that he likes to use the colors of food to explain hair color because it’s easy for clients to understand.

“Using food helps paint a picture of the actual tone,” he explained.

Pearl created the look on supermodel Natalia Borges about two weeks ago. He has had many clients request it since.

Cinnamon swirl hair color plays into brighter, more vibrant blonde tones than traditional ombre, Pearl said. “You don’t necessarily have to go dark in the winter. I tend to go against the grain with that notion.”

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