As well as being functional, design can often also be extremely entertaining: especially when we add the word ‘children’ to this axiom, being entertaining is, indeed, a piece of cake.

Colour, functionality, extreme ergonomics and simplicity, all carefully mixed with fun, for everyday objects that hide bizarre features or that simply perform their function with an edge.

One may think that designers, when designing for children, can allow themselves to go back to their childhood to better understand children’s needs. Designers’ ingenuity crops up in fun-filled ways such as a closet disguised as a palace, a stroller that turns into a child’s bicycle seat or a rocking whose appearance resembles the latest avant-garde design items.

Some designers even reduce the size of iconic objects in order to give a very modern touch to children’s bedrooms. In some cases, children’s toys would fit perfectly in the most modern living room.



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Kast van een Huis –


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