The richest five people in the UAE, with a combined net worth of $21.7 billion (Dh79 billion), have made it to this year’s Forbes World’s Billionaires List. Most of them are UAE nationals who manage a number of homegrown businesses in the country.

The number of wealthiest billionaires in the world has increased to 1,826 in 2015, up from only 140 in 1987. The Eccentric lives of The Ultra Rich in Dubai, Form Their Homes, Toys and Crazy Life style, watch to see what you are missing out on.

Among the nearly 2,000 billionaires who made it to the list, an Emirati businessman, Abdulla Bin Ahmad Al Ghurair, is crowned the richest person in the UAE, with a total net worth of $6.4 billion as of this month.

The founder of Mashreq is from a prominent UAE family that owns a number of businesses in food, construction and real estate industries. He manages the Family Business Network Gulf Cooperation Council, which seeks to “modernize family businesses,” according to his Forbes profile.