POND Mobile is the world phone of choice for premium class frequent flyers, world travelers, and business leaders looking for seamless connectivity across the globe. The International phone service has been generating hype by being able to provide unparalleled coverage and speed at a fixed cost to its clients. This allows POND users to stay connected to those at home, friends abroad, and colleagues in different countries without worrying about roaming charges. Why don’t POND clients have to worry about roaming charges? Simply put, there are none.

Committed to making life easier and as stress free as possible, POND mobile facilitates fast connections, quick set up and secure communications around the world. POND Mobile is gaining customers at a record pace. In Today’s increasingly globalized world it just doesn’t make sense to have multiple phones with multiple plans in multiple countries. Therefore, POND has created a service which requires 1 phone, 1 plan but works in over 200 countries.

For anyone that has ever traveled before, they know the feeling of rationing out phone usage to try and keep the bill down as much as possible. Constantly switching to airplane mode and flock to Wi-Fi spots to be able to do the smallest thing without incurring more charges. With POND this all fades away. Traveling with POND instills the feeling of being at home wherever you are. Use your devices as you please, where you want and as much as you want.

POND Mobile strives to fit the needs of all clients no matter what they maybe. The company offers different plans to suit different people: Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. They all have different prices and provide different usage allowances to suit specific needs. POND VIP members enjoy unlimited calls, unlimited internet and unlimited SMS worldwide. POND also provides an option to add local numbers from 90 countries to not only make the service more convenient for you, but for everyone that tries to reach you. POND’s aim is to make you feel at home, anywhere. And POND Mobile treats every client like they are the only one. Personal account managers are assigned to set up plans that fit the needs of your busy life.


Fixed price for the whole world: Plans with fixed monthly prices for mobile communication worldwide. Voice, high-speed Internet, SMS —all included.

Exclusive service “at home, everywhere”: Continue using your existing number(s)! In addition, POND offers its subscribers a US number and the possibility to add local numbers in more than 90 countries, all on one sim card. All calls will come to your POND Mobile number, wherever you are.

Smart Caller ID: The person to whom you call will see your local number.

Priority status: Thanks to POND’s agreements with major operators worldwide, it offers priority access to GSM networks and LTE worldwide.

Customer care: Each POND subscriber has a dedicated VIP customer service manager.


Referring friends to join and receive discounts off your tariff.
Social Roaming + unlimited package for 2 Years and receive a free iPhone.
Pooling plans for groups and corporate clients for great savings.

POND Mobile works for those who want complete connectivity and peace of mind anywhere and everywhere. POND Mobile works for you. For more information, please visit POND Mobile where you can also find a complete list of global customer service numbers, or write to POND mobile.

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