For many sustainable fashion is another term. For others it’s the way toward a style with ethics. For Italy is fashion forward. 

With fashion industry coming to terms with the realization that it can’t carry on with (toxic) business as usual, Eco-Age, the fashion consultancy to push the envelope, announced a glamorous new annual awards show to show that glam can and should be green and environmental conscious.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards in partnership with Camera Nazionale della Moda (the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, a nonprofit that promotes the Italian fashion industry) debuts in September. “The Oscars of sustainable fashion” as Carlo Capasa, president of the Camera Nazionale della Moda described it will pair “glamour and ethics” by getting celebrities to dress in and promote sustainable fashion. And it all started thanks to Colin Firth’s wife, Livia, who is the founder of the consultancy.

“It actually started as a game of sorts. On a dare, founder Livia Firth wore only sustainable and ethical pieces on red carpets during awards season as she accompanied her husband, actor Colin Firth, who had starred in Tom Ford’s 2009 movie A Single Man” reports Quartz. “Since then, actors such as Michael Fassbender and Sophie Turner have taken part, as has Emma Watson, who is currently bringing it to the next level by using the press tour for her upcoming movie Beauty and the Beast as an opportunity to show how stylish an eco-friendly wardrobe can be”.

Emma Watson is in fact so serious about sustainable fashion that she debuted a new Instagram account (@the_press_tour) dedicated to her very inspiring and sustainable press-tour clothing choices.

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), in collaboration with Eco-Age, and with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, today announced the world’s first Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia 2017, which are built on sustainable values.

The awards will be held at the iconic Teatro alla Scala, Milan on 24 September 2017, during Milan Women’s Fashion Week and will feature major brands such as Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada and Valentino as well as emerging designers, whose vision and creativity represent the future of fashion.

“Italy’s unique position as a centre of artisanal skills and handcrafting excellence, combined with design, manufacturing and production leadership has for too long been assailed by cheap imports and manufacturing off-shore” said Carlo Calenda, Minister of Economic Development for Italy.

“What is now clear, to differentiate brand ‘Made in Italy’, will be the quality of our design and unparalleled skills of our people. These are our sustainable values which we need to nurture and ensure they encompass all that we do – this will uniquely differentiate Italy in the eyes of the world”.

“This celebratory event will present that vision to the world in a highly innovative and contemporary fusion of glamour and creativity that’s uniquely Italian” said Carlo Capasa, Chairman of CNMI.

“This is what sustainability is – Italy is the steward of a unique design heritage, of which I have always been supremely proud” said Livia Firth, Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age. “But this must now be developed and built on the values of environmental protection and social justice in our supply chains, which will uniquely allow Italy to be the added value designer and manufacturer on the global fashion stage”.

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia will build and develop through key stages in 2017, culminating in a stunning global first – “The Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia” at Teatro alla Scala, in Milan in September 2017.

The event will celebrate Italy’s greatest designers and luxury brands together with emerging designers for the first time with each fashion house working in collaboration with Eco-Age to create a look following the rigorous GCC validation criteria, that will exemplify brand Made in Italy.

CNMI in cooperation with Eco-Age will also create a programme for emerging Italian designers, that will recognise outstanding emerging fashion designers in Italy and from around the world, whose entire collection, or principal elements of it, are produced in Italy.

Applications open 1st March – 14th April 2017.

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