Keeping a pet healthy and happy used to involve nothing more than quality food, regular vet checks and attention. But why stop there when so many cool gadgets for pets are now available? Here are our favourite, innovative tools.

FroliCat Bolt


Laser pointers and cats are an entertaining combination. FroliCat Bolt will play with your feline and generate random laser patterns onto floors and walls, enticing him to pounce, chase and bat at the red dot—a great way to get some exercise. The device automatically shut off after 15 minutes so the novelty doesn’t fade.



Developed by bio-medical engineers, dog experts and Cornell University, Voyce is a waterproof sensor-laden smart collar which monitors and collects data about your dog’s rest, activity levels, calories burned as well as heart and respiratory rates. This data syncs with a mobile platform and website over Wi-Fi, giving you the ability to track your pooch’s health over time as well as share it with a vet. A monthly subscription fee gives you access to personalized health and behaviour advice.



If your dog likes to roam or is prone to escaping a kennel or fence, Tagg is the ticket. It’s a GPS-enabled device that attaches to your dog’s collar and alerts you via text message and email if your pooch leaves the area in which he’s supposed to be. You can determine his exact location via the Tagg website or a mobile app.



If fish are your thing you can use creatures such as snails or catfish to clean algae from a tank but where and when they’ll work is up to them. Instead, install a robot!
The RoboSnail is an automated aquarium glass cleaner invented by an aquarium keeper who designed it to clean the aquarium’s surface once a day without you having to do anything, an excellent preventative feature considering algae is increasingly difficult to remove the longer it remains on the tank’s glass.

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