The Givenchy Spring 2017 Bag Collection has a lot in store for all bag lovers and enthusiasts out there. With a myriad of bags in different sizes, color, and design, there are two that shone brighter than the rest and caught our hearts and attention. Ladies, these two are the iconic Nightingale Bag and the Pandora Chain Wallet.


The Nightingale is a medium-sized satchel bag making it a perfect daily companion. Yes, we know it look exactly like the old version but if you look closer with a pair of microscopic eyes, you’ll definitely notice that this one is an improved progeny. What we are exactly talking about is the extra croc leather and the logo plate displayed on the top front.


The second beauty which got our approval is the Pandora Chain Wallet. Ladies, don’t hyperventilate, maintain your composure and poise though it’s hard not to, and yes we get you as this one is really beautiful.

Come take a closer look and one thing that will catch your eyes would be the black embossed crocodile leather patch on waxy leather. Plus, the golden metallic chain strap is lovely and refined as well!

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