From September 24th to November 20th 2017 it will be possible to view the first exhibition dedicated to De Liguoro, the historic and iconic brand renowned and loved around the globe thanks to the production of Made in Italy haute couture jewels and bijoux over the course of the last 20 years in the last century.44


Curated by Bianca Cappello, the exhibition is part of a series of monographic shows at the Museo del Bijoux in Casalmaggiore near Cremona,4-gianni-de-liguoro-per-fausto-sarli-bracciali-smalto-effetto-cattedrale-su-metallo-dorato-anni-80-foto-andras-bossi the only museum dedicated to jewellery in Italy. Organised by Comune di Castelmaggiore with the participation of the association Amici del Museo, the show narrates the evolution and development of Maison De Liguoro from the 1960’s to the present. 8-gianni-de-liguoro-bracciali-per-rocco-barocco-metallo-dorato-e-strass-1984-foto-andreas-bossiA wonderful and amazing show that puts the spotlight on about 300 creations: jewels, accessories, beautiful bejewelled bodices worn by dancers working for RAI, Italy’s national public broadcasting company, during very popular television shows.

Inexhaustibly creative and strong with a family tailoring tradition, Gianni De Liguoro with his wife Angela decided in the early 1960’s to start producing gadgets for an expanding market.


This is how the very well-know Calimero plastic dolls distributed in the Miralanza detergent containers came about, followed by the very funny brooches shaped as small mice made for chocolatiers Perugina and in 1971 by the “talisman” necklaces for alcoholic beverage Ramazzotti designed by the painter and illustrator Mario Moletti. Since that very successful year, the Bijoux by De Liguoro creations were unstoppable and so widely acclaimed to draw in 1980 the attention of Clara Centinaro, the Italian designer who created outfits for princesses and first ladies from every corner of the planet, who introduced Gianni to the world of haute couture and of fashion designers of significant importance. From that moment on, De Liguoro worked with some of the most sophisticated and elegant Italian brands such as Alberta Ferretti, Fausto Sarli, Rocco Barocco, Renato Balestra, Enzo Russo and Trussardi. The beautiful De Liguoro creations on display in Casalmaggiore are often embellished with Swarovski crystals, a collaboration with the world-famous Austrian company that goes on from the 1980’s to the present day. Following his inspiration and vision, Gianni De Liguoro also produced bridal jewels as well as special designs for high society ladies and for some prime time entertainment programs broadcasted by RAI. The collaboration with the extremely popular Miss Italy contest, for which the most amazing crowns ever worn by the winners were created, dates back to the last five years of the 1980’s.


“The exhibition is a dream come true and crowns 50 years of work dedicated to jewellery and fashion accessories. You will be able to see a cross-section of Italian craftsmanship history that, while keeping faithful to tradition, continues its journey into the world of bijoux” said De Liguoro. The materials used by the designer represent a continuous exercise in experimentation where Beauty with a capital B is achieved also by using leather belts “stolen” from old sewing machines, black hemp, mirrors, blacks cameos in Bohemian ‘French’ jet or even thin aluminium sheets, all harmonised and studied in detail in order to reach the height of formal and aesthetic perfection.

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