For a great business casual attire for men, it is great to mix casual clothes with other more formal pieces, but you must know how to combine and use the right parts, in addition to choosing a color combination that values you. This week we decided to talk about the right look to all kinds of body and how to effectively mix your jeans and tailoring.


For the fuller-figured man – dark colors work well, but it’s nice to draw attention to your face, a nice tie or a light, contrasting scarf/bandana can achieve this.

For the shorter male – just a little sliced composition lengthens your silhouette, but the bent bar can shorten the legs, so this is not an advisable style for you.

For the tall male – the small details help, as the cardigan with open bass buttons, showing the belt or scarf that draws attention to the top.  Add a beautiful pair of sunglasses and maybe a catch tie, attracting attention to the face.

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