In a sea of eye-wateringly chemical colognes, Ferrari continues its line of sophisticated men’s fragrances with the elegant Amber Essence. As part of the Essence collection alongside Essence Oud, Essence Musk and more, this delicate-yet-strong fragrance is designed to evoke an individual facet of the Ferrari Gran Tourismo spirit.

The bottle is eye-catchingly luxurious. A snug-fitting handcrafted sleeve, inspired by the light brown Cuoio Toscano interior of specific Ferrari GT’s, encases the square bottle – think Chanel No 5 for men. Only 1,800 of these have been created, so missing the chance to own a bottle would be frankly, well, remiss.

Combining spicy amber with notes of frankincense, coriander and bergamot, the scent finishes with musk and patchouli for a lingering sensuality. Added nutmeg and cedar makes way for a pleasantly, invitingly warm feel to the fragrance.

Musky and dark, like the scent of rainfall in a forest, this Essence fragrance is an essential addition for any Ferrari collector, but also to those who value the highest quality and olfactory innovation in their colognes.

Ferrari Limited Edition Amber Essence (£170) (100ml) and is available exclusively at Harrods in store and online.

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