French beauty brand Vichy has introduced its latest member to its Dermablend family of foundations – 3D Correction, the Dermablend foundation range being well-known for its ultra-high coverage. Remember the video of Zombie Boy looking rather normal with his whole body covered in foundation in order to mask his extensive tattoos?

That was the work of Vichy’s Dermablend. And 3D Correction comes with even higher coverage while it also improves the skin’s imperfections and smoothens it. Glass tested both Dermablend and Dermablend (3D Correction).


Dermablend (3D Correction)
At the launch we saw Vichy’s model Josephine who suffers from acne and whose skin is naturally oily, I’m convinced that 3D Correction is perfect for this type of skin. Her skin looked almost flawless and so smooth except for one little patch uncovered with the foundation to show the contrast. However, having a naturally dry acne-free skin with the exception of an occasional spot, I must say it wasn’t quite right for me as my skin needs make-up that is light and doesn’t dry the skin out. 3D Correction felt a little heavy.


Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation
Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation, Vichy’s original and popular foundation, felt much better on my skin than the 3D Correction. However, it still felt a little bit too thick as also the texture itself is very creamy rather than liquid which I prefer. However it does offer an amazing coverage though for those who need it.

Vichy Dermablend foundations are available at Boots retailing at £21.50 for 3D Correction and £18 for Fluid Corrective Foundation.

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