Men have always found it difficult to add jewelry to their outfits. There may be a desire to add more finesse with a pair of cuff links, a necklace, or maybe even a bracelet, but there’s a fine line between being stylish and being tacky.

Ruby is the king of the most precious stone in the world!

Precious metals and leather are basic components of men’s jewelry, but very few can actually pull off precious stones. Authentic, genuine stones like ruby are emblazoned on women’s jewelry but rarely on men’s. It does not mean, however, that men should abstain from mother nature’s offering of such beautiful stones.

Ruby, which is one of the most expensive stones, is a favorite of many stylish men who take on a bolder approach to their manner of dressing.

If you’ve always wanted to incorporate this red stone to your outfit, there are ways that you can wear ruby jewelry without seeming to show off your wealth for all the world to see.

Ruby: Why Men Wear It

Precious stones have always been reserved for women’s jewelry and when worn by men, they’re often seen in history books of European royalty and nobility donning them. As more and more men are embracing fashion, it comes as no surprise that ruby has crawled its way to the fingers and wrists and necks of stylish men.

Ruby represents authority, confidence, commanding power, courage, and dignity, making it a precious stone befitting for the modern man.

But how do you wear it?


2 Tips to Live By

1. Keep it Subtle

Such is the mantra for men’s fashion. Anything in excess is frowned upon and simply gaudy and tacky. Big ruby jewelry draws attention to wealth, and unless that’s the look you’re going for, then wearing the stone should always be subtle.

A wrist watch embedded with small ruby stones can be a good piece to start with, so are ruby-encrusted cuff links and tie clips. When wearing these jewelry, however, make sure you wear only a maximum of two pieces. For example, you can wear a ruby-embedded wrist watch with a ruby-encrusted tie clip at the same time, but avoid adding one more ruby jewelry to the mix.

2. Wear Ruby on Special Occasions

Ruby jewelry is hardly appropriate in daily, business environments. Or a trip to the grocery store. Wear them during special occasions such as black-tie events, weddings, or parties. If you wish to wear a ruby pendant with a suit, you may want to hide it under a shirt.

However, if you are in a position where looking wealthy is to your advantage, then this is the exception to the rule. In such case, a ruby ring and ruby-embedded wrist watch may be appropriate for your daily attire.

But the man’s guide to wearing ruby tip # 1 should still apply – keep the number of ruby jewelry to two at most. You can still show off your wealth while still looking classy.


Ruby may have the color of femininity in its pink to red hue, but its representation is far more masculine and powerful that stylish men have continued to add it to their ensembles. It may be hard to wear ruby if you’ve never worn it before, but this man’s guide to wearing ruby can help to get you started.

Always remember to keep it simple and subtle, know the proper occasions to wearing it, and pretty soon, you’ll be mastering the art of wearing ruby jewelry.



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