For many of us, bachelor and bachelorette parties (AKA stag and hen dos)  are the highlight of our social calendar. But if you’re tasked with organising one, where do you begin and how do you make it stand out from the crowd?



Where can you go to give your stag or hen a unique twist? Try one of the following:

Yorkshire: Not only is it beautiful, but Yorkshire has an array of fantastic and varied activities to enjoy. Go on a farm adventure or try your hand at water skiing or more extreme sports like abseiling or rock climbing. For pubs and grub, look no further than York, which boasts an impressive pub-per-square-mile ratio.
Benidorm: Once a classic, always a classic – a stag or hen do in Benidorm is a guaranteed success and we couldn’t resist putting it on this list. It’s got everything you need, including beaches, pubs and sickeningly cheap fry-ups, but there are so many unique things to do too. There are waterparks, theme parks and nature parks, as well as a summer circus.
Berlin: Not just a city for romantic getaways and city breaks, Berlin is one of the best and biggest party cities in Europe. With easy-access to great German beer, amazing to visit and a club scene like no other, Berlin is a solid choice for a hen or stag weekend.


What unique activities can you try? How about one of these:

LARPing: Also known as Live Action Role Playing, LARPing is a role-playing game that your party can get involved in. You will take part in a fantasy story of epic battles and stories maintaining your character and costumed up to the max.
Zombie Race: With events across the UK, zombie races are fun runs with a sinister twist – you need to avoid being bitten by perusing zombies over the race’s distance. These things are pretty scary and sure to make you ready for a drink afterwards!
Comedy: Have everyone in stitches by booking a comedy gig for the stag and hen party. Don’t think you’ll need to break the bank and get tickets to see a famous comedian. Try out the local comedy club and discover some similar unknown names. You could find a hidden gem.

And any extras?

Costumes: Some stags and hens want costumes for their big day – or a theme that everyone must abide by. Keep the theme unique to the stag or hen in question. Do they have a favourite book? Go as a character from it. Do they have a certain style? Everyone dress the same as them.
Photos: You’ll want a lot of photos from the night that will undoubtedly end up all over social media. Take a selfie frame out with you, with the date, time and location printed on, and have some fun with props!

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