ON Friday June  17, 1983, Cis, photographer Richard Corman’s mother, solicited the son to shoot the 24-year-old performer Madonna, just six weeks before the launch of her debut album, Madonna. Cis was preparing a modern version of the fairy tale Cinderella, renaming the main character Cinde Rella, whose role was assigned to the young talented woman. Sadly, the film was never made.

However Corman has now released a book entitled Madonna 66 a limited edition publication presenting 66 unpublished Polaroid images that he took of Madonna during the 1983 shoot. Additionally, the book displays a 14-page film treatment Cinde Rella.

Only 1,500 copies of the book will be available, of which 500 will be signed and numbered by Richard Corman with limited edition signed print.

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Visit the website for more information madonna66.com

Images courtesy of Richard Corman

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