Moms around the world covet his adorable little wardrobe, and now a famous fashion house has revealed that they, too, think the littlest prince and his sister are fashion muses. Prince George and Princess Charlotte inspired Séraphine to design a baby wear line in honor of Princess Diana — and we already want to snatch up every piece.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images; HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images; HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

In honor of the royal kiddies, Séraphine is launching its new Diana Collection, which features one-of-a-kind tartan baby dresses, romper suits, and soft cashmere cardigans — basically, pieces you can picture George and Charlotte wearing on a typical outing. Designer Cecile Reinaud, who heads Séraphine, admitted that Prince George is a source of inspiration for children’s wear these days and that Charlotte is right behind him.

With his knee socks, hand-embroidered blouses, and sharp cardigans, the royal 2-year-old has inspired many parents around the world to shop for classic clothing for their children and avoid trendier pieces that will wind up looking dated in photographs — something Kate Middleton and Prince William have to keep in mind since their image will be viewed centuries from now.

It’s equally understandable why 8-month-old Charlotte is already providing children’s clothing designers with similar inspiration. Kate reportedly turns to Spanish designers when shopping for her clothing because parents in Spain tend to dress their kids more formally than they do in Great Britain and the US. This would explain why we often see Charlotte dressed in beautiful dresses with traditional prints and lace accoutrements.

Reinaud says her collection will provide a contemporary take on traditional British dress — meaning, you can expect classic shapes, patterns, and textures without a ton of frills and bows. The new line will hit stores across the globe in fall 2016 — around the same time you can be sure you’ll be coveting their pink tartan baby bonnet.


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