Rule 1. When it comes to sunglasses, you need to get in the frame.

Rule 2. In dark times some vintage saves the day.

Even British Vogue proclaims that in “uncertain times such as these, it’s all too tempting to reach for the darkest sunglasses in your wardrobe and, well, hide. That said, we’re resolving to put on a happy face in the new year with Spring’s sheer, tinted lenses”.

With retro shades a big trend at fashion’s most needle-moving shows  invest in some vintage style to give your face a warm glow. As Vogue puts it “no Instagram filter required”.

Throw some shade with a diva attitude ASAP with one of our picks.

Oversize square-frame rhinestone sunglasses tortoiseshell acetate by Gucci, oversize square-frame rhinestone sunglasses in black acetate by Gucci.

and crafted sunglasses in dark blue with blue intrecciato leather by Bottega Veneta.

Square-frame glittered acetate sunglasses by Saint Laurent.

Oversized square frames sunglasses by Saint Laurent.