American Bench Craft was started by two brothers with one simple goal: to make a better wallet. They wanted a wallet that would not fall apart at the seams like every other wallet they ever owned. To achieve this, they came up with a design made from a single piece of leather and secured with metal fasteners, NO THREAD STITCHING. Using the finest materials, an elegant design and reliable American craftsmanship, they built a wallet that could truly stand the test of time.


American Bench Craft handcraft their products in their own workshop using traditional techniques and hand tools. Even their 8 Ton clicker press runs on good old American muscle, no electrical power! Everything from the cutting, stamping, riveting and finishing is done by hand.

They are inspired by the heritage of their grandfathers and the products they relied on throughout their lives. A sturdy belt, a sharp axe, a well tailored suit…. And they are seeking to bring this type of quality and craftsmanship back to the men of our generation.



We are craftsman, adventurers, gentlemen, patriots, and men who believe the items we use and carry everyday should be products we can rely on through years and years of use. We believe in Simplicity, Tradition, and Loyalty, and we adhere to these values in all that we do.American Bench Craft

Nice. We are certainly looking forward to being able to buy from this fantastic range of quality products, available now on

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