With his recent cover for W Magazine already a hit, renowned photographer Steven Meisel is working his magic on this month’s WSJ‘s June/July 2017 cover story with Cannes’ muse by the name Sofia Coppola.

This is their second collaboration ever since Meisel lensed Coppola for Vogue Italia circa 1992 and it is pure magic infused with an good old Hollywood glamour with a twist.

“I’ve been a fan of Steven Meisel’s singular approach to photography for as long as I’ve been following fashion,” WSJ. Magazine EIC Kristina O’Neill told The Daily. “That’s why it’s such a privilege to bring his gorgeous images of Sofia Coppola to WSJ. Magazine’s readership. He never fails to generate something original and beautiful. I loved that this shoot was also a reunion of sorts, first for Steven and Sofia, whom he first captured, so memorably, for Italian Vogue back in 1992, and for Steven and Paul Cavaco, who are great friends but haven’t worked together on an editorial in almost 20 years. It’s so gratifying to have brought Meisel back together with these former collaborators for his WSJ. debut.”

Coppola’s cover is revealed ahead of her movie The Beguiled, which premiered at Cannes. “I thought it was interesting to see these women who were left behind. They’d been raised to be companions to men…and there were no men around. Everything’s polite and lovely, but then there’s darkness underneath” she said of the film that brings her to Cannes once again. After all the iconic film festival is a family affair for Mrs. Coppola.

As for her movie everyone is talking about a visual triumph. “The Beguiled masquerades as a Southern Gothic tale, with all the requisite grotesquerie. But beneath its frilly, corseted bodice, it’s a stone-cold revenge fantasy, laced with a potent cocktail of toxic comedy and pungent desire. The film’s fixation on revenge means it feels considerably tighter and simpler than its marketing might have led you to believe. This isn’t the wild, extravagant romp of director Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, nor does it lean so plainly on the hormonal teenage angst of The Virgin Suicides”.

“Simple, irresistible desire is what drives revenge movies — desire for retribution, inexorably enacted. And The Beguiled is set at Miss Martha Farnsworth’s Seminary for Young Ladies, a hotbed of sublimated desire and good breeding” writes Vox of Coppola’s latest adaptation of Thomas Cullinan’s Civil War-set 1961 novel starring Oona Laurence, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning and the queen of this year’s festival Nicole Kidman (in her fourth role at Cannes this year).

Sofia Coppola’s latest has bewitched, bothered and bewildered the Croisette with mostly rapturous reviews. “A swift, gorgeous chamber thriller” for Vanity Fair and a feminist dark comedy for others Coppola has returned to the Festival to make some noise.


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