With instant communication at our fingertips ideas can move quicker than ever, crossing borders and timezones instantly – so that means trends spread like wildfire. That’s certainly true when it comes to the intersection of fashion, streetwear and sneakers that defines the Highsnobiety universe – last year gave us more than it’s fair share of new looks, ideas and aesthetics.

We’ve already reflected on 2015’s biggest trends and taken a look at what ones are coming next season, so now we’re going to take a look at some of the fads that we’d rather see the end of. Of course, this is strictly wishful thinking – some things are pretty much never gonna change, particularly when it comes to the effect hype has on otherwise rational human beings.

Either because they’ve become far too played out or because they never should’ve really happened in the first place, here’s six trends we’d really like to see the backside of this year.

Buying in to Irrational Hype


Like it or not, streetwear is a hype-driven business. The biggest brands in the game rely on the buzz they generate to stay ahead of the pack, while the rest of the community emulates these brands’ cool-guy personas, creating an unfortunate environment where people will buy into anything just to keep up with what’s hot this season.

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