It makes sense to use scents sensibly…

1. Less Is More

There’s nothing worse than the man who unwittingly turns himself into Pepe Le Pew by dousing himself in way too much fragrance. Think of fragrance as being like an aspect of your personality that’s not immediately apparent but that you want other people to discover. Your scent should be subtle, something that takes people a few moments to register and savour, rather than a choking cloud they clamour to escape from.

2. Quality Over Quantity

If you plonk down $14.95 at a chemist for 200ml of SexyManStink ™ then you’re going to get exactly what your pay for — a chemical concoction better suited to killing off lawn weeds than reeling in the ladies. Designer and niche fragrances cost a lot because they’re carefully structured with top, heart and bass notes so that their scent changes through the day. Their concentrations also vary for differing lifespans.


3. Do Not Cloud Yourself Or Your Clothes

Do not lay down a vapour trail of fragrance and then walk through it because most of the perfume will end up on the carpet. All you’re doing is wasting precious and expensive product — and missing the areas you need to concentrate on. Also: don’t spray it onto your clothes. You risk discolouring and damaging the fabric or, at least, impregnating it with a smell that will go sour when combined with sweat and that won’t come out easily.

4. Apply With Care

Best time to apply perfume? As soon as you’ve dried off after shower, when you’re clean and fresh. Hold bottle about 15 centimetres from your skin and give a light spray. Or, if using cologne, apply a small amount to your fingertip and dab — don’t splash onto your hands and slap it on!

5. Your Heat Zones

Quality fragrances work with your body’s natural heat to give off a lingering scent in the air, a trail that aficionados call sillage. So give a light spray or dab to two or three of the warmest parts of your body, which are your shoulders, the crooks of your arm, your wrists and forearms, your chest, neck and lower jaw. But don’t hit them all or you’ll be the Pepe Le Pew-smelling gigolo we discussed earlier.

6. Reapply Wisely

Here’s where quality and concentrations really comes in. Parfum (20-30 per cent) and Eau De Parfum (15-20 percent) can last up to eight hours, so you shouldn’t need to reapply until the end of the day. As the scent weakens, revealing the base note, a little top up — a dab on your neck or light spray on your wrists — should be enough to recreate the magic of your manly scent.

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