Dinnerware is great for playing pretend instruments. Serving spoons? Instant guitars. Bowls? Drums that you bang on with the cutlery set. That spill-free Loopa Gyro Bowl? Instant tambourine. And while regular plates will make for great turntables, too, we have a feeling the Dinner DJ is going to work a whole lot better.

Made by Fred & Friends, it’s a dining plate, propped up to look like an actual DJ rig. Seriously, the plate is mounted on its own turntable rig, complete with knobs, buttons, sliders, fake lights, and even a tonearm that, when removed from its designated spot, becomes a fully-functional spork.

The Dinner DJ has a main plate that can be spun in place, so you can emulate all that scratching motion DJs do when they’re not pushing buttons and dancing to look busy during a set. It’s even printed to look like an actual record by a fictional artist known as MC Mash, so the whole thing can be a fake DJ rig when playing away from the dinner table, too. The knobs can be turned for extra realism, although the slider stays stuck in place. Since it adds a lot of extra surface around the plate, it could serve as an instant mat for catching spills, as well as a handy place to put all the anchovies your daughter takes out of her pizza before eating it (hey, better there than on the table). Construction is food-safe melanine.

Now available for preorder, the Dinner DJ is priced at $28.kids.

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