The iPhone 7 is expected to be revealed in early September and there’s been a huge increase in hype surrounding the next generation smartphone

Apple could reveal the new iPhone in less than two months.

The tech giant usually reveals its next smartphone in early September so it can see out the end of the year on a high.

This year it will almost certainly be the iPhone 7 that’s revealed and the online rumour mill is going into overdrive ahead of the announcement.

Along with comments and predictions from industry analysts and the specialised tech media, there have been several supposed leaked images.

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Many show the casing or materials that are believed to be in the new smartphone.

Latest news
Apple isn’t due to unveil its next iPhone for another couple of months, but the company may have already decided on its release date.


The new handset will go on sale on Friday September 16, according to notorious leaker Evan Blass.

Release date
Taking Apple’s release date history into account, it’s likely we’ll see the iPhone 7 officially revealed in September 2016.

Both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 were revealed in September and Apple has no reason to change its strategy.

There’s also nothing wrong with taking advantage of Black Friday sales and the run up to Christmas.

It’s unlikely that Apple’s main iPhone 7 will be any easier on the wallet than past variants.

But its launch could see Apple finally change the thing that annoys people most about the iPhone.

Rumours suggest that Apple is planning to ditch its pitifully small 16GB storage option in favour of a more generous 32GB base model.

The current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus lineup offers customers a choice of 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB storage options.

However, supply chain investigations by Kevin Wang, director of market research at respected analyst firm IHS Technology, suggest the iPhone 7 base model will come with with 32GB of storage.

If true, we could expect other models with larger storage – 64GB and 128GB most likely – to stick with the £619 and £699 prices.
A video obtained by French tech site that matches up the new iPhone 7 with last year’s iPhone 6s flagship.

Dedicated Apple followers will be well aware of the rumours surrounding the next handset. Supposedly it will have a larger camera lens and a USB Type C connection at the bottom that will double up as the new headphone slot.


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