Having a yacht has become an ultimate symbol of wealth and luxury for celebrities. Who doesn’t dream of traveling across the Caribbean Sea, amidst the exciting waves of the sea? Nothing shows extravagance in the best way like a yacht, that is a few hundred feet long. Here is a list of three of the most amazing top celebrity yachts worth knowing about.


The credit for designing this yacht goes to Tanju Kalaycioglu, and the creator is Proteksan Turquoise Yachts (based in Istanbul).

There is no doubt that everyone in the world knows Johny Depp after his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the famous movie, “Pirates if the Caribbean.” Depp’s love for the sea is evident in his choice of yacht and he owns one of the “hottest” yachts in the world. It’s name is Vajoliroja – and it comes from “Va” the name of his ex-girl friend Vanessa Paradis, “Jo” for the actor himself, “Liro” is his daughter’s name ‘Lily Rose’ and “Ja” is from his son’s name. It costs $33 million and accommodates ten guests comfortably, with a crew of eight people. It has a furnished dining room, outdoor seating area, library, four cabins and a master suite. It also has a toy department stocked with kayaks, snorkel gear, water skis, tenders, windsurfers, and wake board.



Nichole Kidman is the proud owner of the Hokulani yacht. It is spectacularly modern on the inside and outside. Its birth happened in 2007, and its designer is Palmer Johnson. This yacht is definitely worth five million dollars, and offers complete luxury and comfort. It has a large swimming platform, exterior deck where Nichole relaxes, and a dining area that can accommodate ten guests.

There is an additional VIP dining room as well. People on board have the option to choose any of five staterooms; each one has complete furnishing, and implausible ocean views. Hokulani also has a fully centralized and integrated entertainment system in the cabins, with necessary conveniences. This yacht is definitely the perfect one for a celebrity. Nichole is often seen cruising in the waters of the Islands of Australia in this beauty.





This yacht’s designer is Stefano Nattuci, and its manufacture happened in Italy (Viareggio). Beyonce and her husband haven’t bought it yet, but it’s an almost done deal. The couple often rents it to explore the ocean. On their last adventure, it cost them $377,000 for a single week. The yacht’s name is “Altitude,” and it travels at a speed of 14 knots when cruising.

It is spacious and accommodates about twelve guests, within six cabins. It also has a water sports boat, a catamaran, two wave runners, a 15-ft water trampoline, one sailing dinghy, snorkeling, and fishing equipment. Moreover, it has a private gym on board. It is well-equipped, and has weights, a cross trainer, running machine and spinning bike. It has three aft-decks; each one is spacious with open seating, a dining area and lounge. The couple loves spending time in the split-level owner suite, where there is an observation lounge, a study and separate bathrooms for him and her.


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