The Medea Vodka bottles will be able to display messages that users desire, using the free smartphone app, users will be able to add their own personal touch to the bottle

Medea Vodka, the “world’s first and only” programmable LED alcohol bottle, is to launch around the world after signing a distribution agreement with Herman Jansen Beverages Nederland BV.

Technology has brought about unfathomable innovations in various aspects of human lives; it has altered human experiences and interactions, sprouting new methods of interaction and also enhanced means of personalization. For instance, the Bluetooth technology on Medea vodka will alter the way barkeepers and customers handle booze.

The move has taken customization to a whole new level, consumers can add customized messages on the bottle they are drinking, and they can even track the location of the bottle. The innovation also works to the advantage of barkeepers and distributors; they can keep a tab on purchases and get sales data using the technology.

The first generation LED band Medea vodka bottles were programmed manually, consumers could type in the message using buttons on the band. However, the second generation bottles are programmable through a smartphone app, the bottles are expected to roll out in June; users can detect the available bottles via the app. Imported from Holland, the vodka inside the fancy Medea bottle is widely acclaimed for its taste and packaging, it has even won several awards based on these two aspects.


Diageo, a global drinks company has taken things a step further; it is working on bottles equipped with smart sensors, the technology will mean that the bottle can interact with consumers’ devices, once the bottle opens.

The objective here is to incorporate two-way communication in the smallest of purchase, with a highly interactive work place; the company is bent upon reaching out to its customers with every purchase. Global VP of digital innovations, Diageo, Venky Balakrishnan said about the project: “Every consumer is walking around with a very powerful computer in their pocket,” therefore, why not explore the possibilities and enhance consumer experience. The technology extends beyond the bottle; currently the available devices comprise of wireless devices, such as those by BarVision. Smart Spout is a wireless pour spout, equipped with RFID technology and tilt sensors to report every ounce of poured liquor.

CEO of BarVision, Joe Nolan said about the prospects of the upcoming technology: “We’re excited about the prospects, that’s for sure. It really is all about the software that’s inherent in the system and allowing these owners to see stuff that they couldn’t see before and maximize their profits.” The bottle costs about $30 for 750 milliliters; the Bluetooth Led is designed to last up to 50 hours.

Source: Mercurynews

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