“La Chaise Ironique is a powerful and culturally impactful study of one of fashion’s most iconic and pioneering muses: the chair” says the synopsis of Rankin’s hilarious fashion mockumentary. For the renowned photographer and Brit provocateur the current trend for ‘les chaises’ in high fashion is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Themes of history, power, politics and revolution all manifest in what, to many, is just a simple household object. Fashion is cyclical and the chair is a buoy in the ever changing choppy waters of style, that shift and change like the tide. It is the vacuum of calm in the middle of a twister of haute couture. All around it, as fashion ebbs and flows as fleetingly as a field of barley in the wind, the chair stands steadfast and tall” says Rankin.

“The night is darkest just before the dawn. And the chair is the first glint of a new day, the speck of the sun on a distant horizon. A sign of hope. A chair doesn’t judge us. It is the ultimate comfort and support. It doesn’t abandon us or make us feel lonely. It cups our buttocks and lets us know everything is going to be ok. There is didactic lesson here. No judgement. It’s pure, unadulterated, unconditional love. I would go the ends of the world with my chair under my backside” he adds mocking the fashion industry and the attitude that defines it.

The 13-minute fashion mockumentary entitled “La Chaise Ironique” the controversial Brit plays a diva version of himself on the set of a photo shoot for his biannual magazine Hunger. “It’s me amped up to 16 or 17,” he says to Fashionista. “I’ve been that person screaming at someone because they haven’t told the model she’s going topless — which is the concept of the shoot — or because the makeup or hair isn’t right” he adds of the glam prison.

“I have been in situations where celebrities have cried or they’ve run off set. It’s like they’re being abused in ‘glam prison,’ and I’ve been in situations — and I’m never going to name names — where people have gone in and they looked amazing and they come out and I’m like, ‘What did you do to them?’” In real life though, he’s more sympathetic towards the models. “It’s important for me to ask, ‘Are you happy with the way you look? Are you sure you’re OK with this?’”

Discover La Chaise Ironique cynical and funny mockumentary and enjoy.


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