Doobay Lifestyle Magazine is the definitive guide to living the Doobay lifestyle. We take a closer look at some of the latest and coolest products available, as well as as keeping you up to date on the latest trends and industry news and entertainment!

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There is a new burgeoning zeitgeist in Middle East ecommerce. A commitment to providing unique and original products which inspire and enthrall, imbuing commerce once again with excitement and thrill. Independent businesses at the heart of this new movement.

Doobay is a Dubai based curated marketplace which offers independent businesses the opportunity to promote their merchandise to the Middle East Region. Our seamless, dynamic design serves to promote individuality whilst allowing consumers to gain swift access to desirable and unique products. Our independent reviews and accompanying detailed descriptive pieces allow us to promote products with the precision and quality they deserve. We have a commitment to marketing products with flair, aplomb and most importantly with your individuality intact. In order to offer this opportunity we must have complete trust in the products we promote and their respective suppliers. We conduct robust and comprehensive searches to ensure we are collating the most exciting and innovative products and suppliers. Access to our online marketplace is through invite only and we pride ourselves on ensuring only the best products are featured.

Most of the Products we feature in the Lifestyle Magazine can be purchased directly from the suppliers on!