Sometimes it takes a kid to explain exactly what’s wrong with something that we think of as normal.

This time around it’s 8-year-old Daisy Edmonds from the United Kingdom. She was shopping with her mum at Tesco when they spotted a pretty clear difference between the girls and boys clothing on offer.

Her mum started filming her thoughts, and then posted the clip to Facebook. It’s since been viewed over 1.5 million times.

The prints for girls were about feeling pretty and being fabulous, whereas the ones for boys were centred on getting outside and trying new things.

“Everyone thinks that girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous,” Daisy says.

“I think that is wrong. Why should boys and girls clothing even be separated, because we’re just as good as each other.”

“And the girls get ‘Hey.’ What does that mean? What does that inspire you to do?”

Daisy’s mum, Becky Edmonds, spoke to BuzzFeed about the video. She said Daisy’s thoughts weren’t news to her.

“We talk a lot about body image and Photoshop and girls, because we have three girls in our family,” she said, adding that she doesn’t want her children to be limited.

“It’s made us notice casual sexism in a way we didn’t before we had children.”

Tesco have responded, saying they were grateful for the Edmonds’ feedback.

“We stock a wide variety of clothes suitable for girls and boys and listen to the views of our customers when reviewing our range.

“We’d like to thank Daisy for her feedback and we can assure her that new styles will be arriving in stores shortly.”

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